THANK YOU To Our Craft Beverage Customers For All You Do

There are not many bright spots in the news today. A once-in-a-century pandemic, slowed economy, millions of people out of work, etc. Through it all, it is YOU—our Craft Beverage customers—who steadfastly remain the bright spot through all of the chaos.

  • You are the ones breaking your backs to comply with regulations.
  • You are the ones offering new menus and setting up outdoor beer gardens.
  • You are the ones hustling to build out canning operations years earlier than planned.
  • You are the ones wearing twenty hats a day—from brewing to delivering beer.
  • You are the ones serving beer with a smile on your face—behind the mask—to customers who are often not wearing theirs.
  • You are the ones donating life-saving PPE like hand sanitizer to front-line workers.
  • And you are the ones generously raising money for employees, the industry (All Together) and important social movements (Black is Beautiful beer), all while revenue is down and costs are up.

As dedicated partners in the craft beverage industry, we are in awe of your hard work and innovation, and wanted to take this opportunity to say, THANK YOU. It is an honor to serve you, and you have made it abundantly clear that we will all make it through this together.

In this spirit, we wanted to announce that we have also made some changes to better meet your evolving needs. We invite you to visit our web and Facebook pages frequently over the next several months to see what we’re doing to serve you better.