Breweries  – Changing the World One Pint (and Coaster) at a Time

Craft breweries are more than just places to enjoy a pint of beer. It is clear that they are linked to one another and to our communities with an almost collective desire to do good and give back.

From fostering diversity and addressing issues of inequality in their communities, to developing widespread partnerships in support of humanitarian aid, craft breweries regularly demonstrate that they can be conduits for social change – in addition to places to grab a premium beverage. We have witnessed firsthand how they have responded to local, national and global issues with commendable action and remarkable results in support of initiatives like Pride, Black Is Beautiful and Brew for Ukraine to name just a few.

Can coasters help change the world?

There is a reason that so many breweries, cideries, distilleries and wineries use coasters – they work. Studies show that a person looks at a coaster an average of 20 times in just one sitting, and 2 out of 3 of those people will remember the message on the coaster – as a result these same studies have shown that coasters increased the sales of advertised items by close to 35% month over month.

Given that breweries are aware of this value – and they are committed to good causes – it makes sense that we have noticed an uptick in the use of custom printed coasters by breweries to engage their most important stakeholders in good causes.

Coasters for a Cause

One of the key benefits of using coasters and promotional products for social change is their visibility. With custom printed designs on both sides, coasters become powerful messengers – not only for traditional brand recognition and product promotion, but increasingly for community action, fundraising and more. When people use (and take home) these items, they become walking advertisements for the cause or message. This can enhance engagement and create a sense of community around the issue.


By investing in coasters, breweries can make a big impact with minimal financial resources.

Another advantage of using coasters for social change is that they can be inexpensive to produce (especially through our group production runs). This makes them accessible to small businesses and those with limited budgets, and they can be printed with information about a local charity, can feature a message about a social issue, and can even include a QR code that links to a donation page or social site with information about how to get involved. When customers use these coasters, they are reminded of the cause and may be inspired to take action or make a financial contribution.


Doing Our Part with Coasters for Causes

As partners in the craft beverage industry, we are committed to the same things that are important to our brewery, cidery, distillery and winery partners. This includes helping them to increase their top and bottom lines, so that they can go out there and make the world a better place.

In addition to offering promotional products (i.e. coasters) that help to grow sales at best-in-class pricing, this has also always included providing complimentary and discounted products we offer through our group production runs to customers promoting social and charitable causes.

During 2022, we were grateful for the opportunity to send breweries that responded to our offer “Brew for Ukraine” coasters at no charge to support their fundraising efforts for humanitarian support. In addition, we donated 20% of sales of coasters purchased to benefit Ukraine to Unicef.

Brew for Ukraine coaster

Moving forward, we are committed to putting our money where our Coaster Bro mouths are… and will be selecting one U.S. brewery, winery, cidery or distillery per month to receive a complimentary case of 3,500 coasters to use to support a social or charitable cause. Please visit our website for more information and to submit your request for consideration.