Brew for Ukraine

by | Apr 14, 2022

With busy taprooms, growing craft beer sales and a slowing pandemic, we can all take a collective sigh of relief after over 2 years of uncertainty. The Craft Brewing Industry has much to be thankful for, but certainly still isn’t without its challenges (i.e. rising material costs and difficulty finding workers).

Through it all – the good, the bad and always the challenging, the craft beverage companies that we work with continue to focus on those that have needed support more than them. We have been humbled to participate in a number of initiatives to raise money for important causes, starting with the Black is Beautiful initiative, and now most urgently, Brew for Ukraine.

Started by Pravda Beer Theatre, a brewery in Ukraine that suspended brewing operations due to the hostilities inflicted on the country, Brew for Ukraine is a collaboration of over 400 international breweries to brew the Victory Beer Series recipes provided by Pravda to support Ukraine.


For our part, we have donated custom coasters (design below) to participating breweries (in the US & Canada) to promote the important cause (and delicious beer), with a QR Code that links patrons to the organization’s website where donations can be made to vetted non-profits that are helping in Ukraine.

Further, as part of our April & May Group Production Runs of Custom Coasters, we are offering full color, pulpboard WE STAND WITH UKRAINE coasters (round or square with rounded corners) with a QR code that links directly to UNICEF’s Crisis in Ukraine donation page on one side and the option for a custom design on the other side. We will be donating 20% of the proceeds on purchases of these coasters to UNICEF Ukrainian efforts and are hopeful that brewery patrons will scan the code and contribute as well.

In the face of such devastation and tragedy, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with craft breweries and provide desperately needed support for Ukraine.